Record management services are a kind of service that helps to keep the recorded information of small to large business houses. The information includes evidence of business activity & transactions. The record management system distributes, maintains, creates, and disposes of that information for future purposes.

Record management is also called information management. This is an organizational function devoted to managing the information of an organization throughout its life cycle, i.e., from the time it was created to the time it was disposed of.

The aim of incorporating record management into a company is for mitigating the risk factors & keeping in compliance with governmental regulations. There are so many kinds of record management, for example- legal records, accounting records, personnel records, correspondence records, miscellaneous records, progress records, etc.

This article is written to discuss the top companies in India that offer record management services.

Softage Information Technology Limited

Softage was founded in Gurgaon, in the year 1994. Since then, it has gained a strong position in the market for record management services along with other services. The other services the company offers are business process management, document management services, manpower outsourcing, business process automation, etc.
The company has a whopping annual turnover of 100-500 crore with an employee base of up to 5000. The company also offers pan India work locations for its employees. It has set a top position in the list for its quality services each time. There are many industries to which the company serves, that include aviation, logistics, real estate, banking, finance, eCommerce, healthcare, etc.

Scanbulk Business Solution

Scanbulk business solution was established in 2003 & it has proved itself as one of the supreme providers among the top record management companies. Other than record management services, the company provides top-notch document scanning services as well. Scanbulk business solution has an annual turnover of 5-10 crore with an employee power of up to 100 people.
The company offers its services throughout India & it is well known for its document scanning & document management services. Other than these two services, the vast range of services the company offers includes document conversion & content writing services as well.

Capital business system private limited

If we consider the time of inception & experience, it is the oldest company among the competitors. The company was established in Delhi in the year 1950. Today the company registers for an annual turnover of 100-500 crore. It is also backed by an employee base of up to 5000 people.
The company is considered among the leading record management service providers for educational institutes, colleges & schools for digitalization services, document scanning services, record management services, and other technical services.

Shiva global relocation

The company was established in New Delhi under the tag of standard service provider in the record management services category. The industries this company serves include banking, insurance, finance & healthcare.
This is an ISO-certified company that offers various information management services; these include consultancy, retrieval process, digitization & archival, on & off-site data management, hard & soft data storage, etc. Shiva global relocation ensures that clients get an efficient & smooth flow of data & information at the right time without any delay or lag.

Syrus information technology Pvt. Ltd.

Syrus information technology Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2016 in Hyderabad. The company is newer in the market if we compare it with its other competitors. Despite being a newer one, it manages to successfully deliver quality service every time to the client. The annual turnover of Syrus Information Technology Pvt Ltd. is 50 lakh to 1 crore. The company is backed by an employee base of 11 to 25 people.
Syrus information technology Pvt. Ltd. has managed to become a leading provider of record management in recent years. Other than record management services the company provides library management services, indexing services, scanning services, digitization services, etc.

Stockholding document management services

The company was initially founded to cater services for document management services. The company later incorporated various other services like record management in their operation. Stockholding document management service was established in Maharashtra in 2005. Currently, it has an annual turnover of 25-50 crore and is backed by an employee base of 101-500 people.
The company is also one of the leading service providers for microfilm scanning services, onsite DOC scanning services, digitization services, etc, other document management services & record management services.

Reckon concern

Reckon concern is a Maharashtra-based small company that has been serving as one of the top record management firms in the field for a while. This organization regulates & works with 10 employees.
This is one of the leading institutions as a service provider of bookbinding, document scanning, and data entry along with record management. The services reckon concern offers are for every organization & industry. Other than these services the company provides services like data processing, data extraction, etc.

These are a few record management companies in India that provide record management services with efficiency for years now.

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