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15 Simple Useful Life Hacks –

You will find that trouble comes in mostly when you are in some kind of hurry or in some kind of emergency. But if you are aware of some of the basic tricks, you can overcome these troubles even when you are in a tough situation. All you need to do is to remember these small ideas to make your life much simpler than before.

Need for Cash:
Today when payment solutions have become digital, we often tend to forget to keep cash with us. But if you are urgently in requirement of some cash amount and you cannot find an ATM nearby, what should you do? Visit any store that accepts online payment and ask them to give you cash for which you will transfer the amount to them. It may happen that some stores may not consider providing such help but you can offer them some amount such as Rs. 50 or Rs. 100 in return for the service.

Wrong Email:
Do you have a habit of realizing your errors after you have sent an email already? Make a habit of writing the content, proofreading it thoroughly, and then add the contact address to send.

Money Shortage at Medical Stores:
Has this happened to you that your parents have sent you to a medical store with some cash to get medicines and you are short of money? Next time, try reducing the number of tablets from a particular medicine. For example, if you are buying 3 different tablets, buy 5 tablets from each of them in place of 10.

Mobile Phone Fall:
When your smartphone slips from your hand to fall on the floor, your heart breaks before the breaking of the screen of the phone. To save it from getting damaged, extend out your leg so that the phone falls on your foot first and then on the floor. This way the kinetic energy reduces and the damage is much lesser.

Brain Stuck:
During exam preparations or even at the workplace, there can be a number of times when your brain may stop working at times. In place of overburdening your brain, even more, take a nap of 15 minutes and you will be fresh and can work better.

Internet Content Offline:
Have you checked out something online but currently you do not have time to read it? For such situations, install the application ‘Pocket’ on your phone. You can save such content so that you can read it offline later on.

Opening Difficult Bottle Lids:
Often lids of oil dispenser bottles may get jammed or may rotate freely but do not open. Just warm up a piece of cloth and then wrap it around the lid for some time. Now try opening the lid smoothly.

Fast Sprouts:
Forgot to soak your sprouts overnight for the morning? No issues at all. Soak the sprouts in warm water and cover them for some time. You can find edible sprouts ready after 2 – 3 hours depending upon the quality of the edibles.

Often when we get burns while cooking, the first thing that we do is to wash the area under running water. This may reduce the burning sensation but often you will end up getting a blister on the burned area. Another great trick that you can try out is to pour some salt immediately on the burned area. This will not let the blisters appear.

Prepare Your Bedroom First:
When you are shifting to a new house or if you have returned home from a trip, you should prepare your bedroom and bed the first thing. Other things can wait. But when you have done all other tasks of the house and you feel exhausted, you do not feel like preparing the bed and you may sleep in an incorrect manner that can cause you body pains and will not cure your exhaustion.

Flavoured Cake:
Do you wish to bake some flavored cakes but you are not getting anything for flavor in the nearby stores? Try out using the aerated drinks or canned juices for the purposes. For example, using Fanta or Mirinda for orange-flavored cake is always a great hit.

Sweat Stains:
Got sweat stains on your newly bought clothes? This might look quite embarrassing and you may get sad that you won’t be able to wear it again later on to flaunt it. Do not worry much as you can easily remove this stain using a simple hack. Mix baking soda with lemon juice and rub the portion where you have the stain and then wash it.

Excess Salt in Food:
Salt enhances the taste of any food. But when this salt gets in excess amount in the food, it can also destroy the taste. It is quite common that you may have put more salt in your curry out of mistake or due to the wrong estimation. So, what to do next? Instead of worsening the case, even more, make a small ball of wheat flour and put it in the curry gravy. This will absorb all the excess salt and balance the taste.

Slow Phone Internet:
Often we get irritated by the slow phone internet while watching an interesting video of downloading something. If you have some other mobile phone at home, call on that phone through your mobile phone on which you are running the internet. Receive the call on the other end and then put the call on hold on both phones. Try this hack and you will be amazed at the internet speed that you get.

Treat Bloating Fast:
Often we end up eating too much and then we feel like bloating. One of the tricks that many people use of drinking soda to ease out the situation. But this trick may not work on everyone. Some people may feel even more bloated after drinking a soda. A much better hack is to sip a cup of green tea or lemon tea to soothe your abdomen and then walk for a while to reduce bloating.

Hence, here are some of the life hacks that you can surely use to make your life easier. There are many such hacks that you may have also tried and we will love to hear them out.

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