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7 Job Interview Tips for Freshers – AOpenDoor

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Even if you have attended endless interviews, you will still feel nervous about your next interview. This is quite obvious because no two interviews are similar. You will face different types of interviews and may have to face different types of question patterns each time.

If someone who is an expert has to make preparations before an interview, freshers will have to make extra arrangements for sure.

If you are a fresher, you will be extra nervous. But if you follow some of the basic traits, you can easily crack through your first interview with great confidence.

Here are some of those tips that you should take seriously if you are going out for your first interview.

Educate Yourself About the Company:

What is the point in joining a company about which you do not know much? When you go through the profile of the company and the services that they offer, you get a feeling of whether you can survive at your workplace for long or not. Apart from this, don’t you think it is always a great idea to do your homework before attending an interview?
There are so many times when the interviewer will ask you how much do you know about the company. They ask you this to know how much enthusiasm you have in joining their team. If you tell them at least a few highlights or even some basic details of the company, they will consider you to be a serious candidate for the position you have come for.

Work on Your Resume:

When a job position is announced, heaps of resumes pour in from several suitable candidates. If you have applied for a good company, the recruiters will screen through all the resumes to shortlist the best ones for a personal round of interviews. Hence, you can say that your resume will work as the very first element to impress the recruiters.
When we are talking about working on your resume, that does not mean decorating it with your creative skills. No recruiter has that time to acknowledge the creative designs of hundreds of resumes while reading through the whole content.
So, what you should do?
Put up an objective that is appropriate for the sector for which you have applied.
Highlight your important points such as your experience, your academic qualifications, and your positive skills.
Try to match up your resume with the requirements mentioned in the job profile.

Work on Your External and Internal Grooming:

The famous quote says that you should never judge a book by its cover. But this may not work when you are going for an interview. The interview starts making assumptions about you from the time you enter the interview room. Thus, there are some important grooming factors that you should take care of.

The Clothing:

Have a look at the clothing of the employees on the website of the company and try to dress in the same manner. If you do not find any such images of the employees, you can safely carry a formal look. But you can also decide your clothing depending upon the sector you are going for. For example, if you are going for an interview for an entertainment channel, you can dress up in semi-formal attire.

Keep a Charming Attitude:

It is quite obvious that you will get quite nervous for your first interview. But a beautiful smile on your face that reflects in your eyes too will always help in diverting the interviewer’s mind from your nervousness. Walk confidently from the door to the chair and greet politely with that smile on. Of course, you cannot keep on smiling while answering serious answers. But be gentle and confident that can send positive vibes to the interviewer as you speak.

Be a Patient Listener:

There are so many candidates who do not understand a question and rush to answer it. It can happen due to nervousness too. But you should always understand a question well and then frame a proper answer before speaking it out. If you have not understood a question, there is no harm in requesting the interview to repeat it for you. If you patiently listen to the questions asked, you will be able to answer them in a much confident and efficient way.

Think Before You Speak:

Words are something that you cannot take back. So, don’t ever hurry in speaking anything in front of the interviewer. It is always a good idea to take a minute or two to frame your answer in your mind to speak out the right sentences. If you are not sure about something, you can be upfront about it in place of speaking out about something wrong. Especially, on topics such as salary discussion or relocation, be honest and do not say any random thing just to get the job. This might make you regret it later on. In place of making hasty decisions, request some time to make the right move.
An interview may not last for more than 10 minutes or a maximum of half an hour. But you should be at your best during these 10 minutes to prove that you are the best match for the job profile. Of course, it is not always possible to crack through all the interviews. But if it is your first interview, following the tips above can surely help you in feeling satisfied at the end of the meet.

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