How to Continue a Conversation with Ease

How to Continue a Conversation with Ease

Has this ever happened to you that you have met someone for the first time and you are out of words? This can happen on a professional front as well as on a personal front such as when you are out for a date with someone for the very first time.

Imagine an interview on television where the interviewer is out of questions and there is a sudden silence on the screen.

A similar awkwardness happens many times in daily life too.
So, how do keep such awkwardness at bay, and how do keep a conversation going?
Here are some of the hacks that you can definitely try out to defeat this unhandy silence.

Start-Up with Small Talks:
It is always a great idea to start up with small talk if you are not sure what to talk about. If you are new at the office and you wish to crack a conversation with your new colleague, you can choose several small talk such as discussing the weather. If it is too much heat outside, you can talk about it and the conversation may start soon. Similarly, if you are meeting someone on a date, you can talk about the surroundings or the restaurant to be the ice breaker whenever a pause happens to come in between the conversation.

Choose a Common Topic of Interest:
Before starting to jabber on the topics of your interest, it is quite important to understand the interest of the person with whom you are sitting. If the person is not interested in cricket and you are going on endlessly talking about cricket, the person might get bored and may even move out of the place. Hence, throw a few random statements from different sectors such as sports, entertainment politics, and others to know the interest of the person. When you start talking over a topic with a common interest, this conversation definitely keeps ongoing.

The Power of Open-Ended Questions:
You must have often noticed on television chat shows how the anchor or the interviewer asks questions that allow the interviewee to talk for a much longer time. Thus, you should ask questions that are open-ended. This means, in place of answering in just yes or no, your guest can elaborate and a discussion can start upon the point. For example, if a recent movie has got released that is quite trending, do not just ask a question about

whether the person has seen the movie or not. Instead, you can ask other open-ended questions such as what the person thinks about this particular movie or trailer. On this, the person in front of you will surely talk about something and this can lead to a conversation.

Listen Carefully:
What happens when someone is not listening to you seriously and you have understood this by the attitude of the person? Quite obvious, you will stop talking anymore. So, when the person in front of you is saying something or describing something, listen to the person carefully. In fact, show as if you are quite interested in whatever the person is saying. When the person understands and feels that you are carefully listening to what they are saying, they get more comfortable and the conversation can last much longer.

Take Interest in the Topic being Discussed:
Now, suppose you have thrown an open-ended question about a particular movie. The person in front of you has started talking about the movie, its cast, and other things. If you do not take interest in it, the person will automatically start getting awkward after a couple of minutes. So, just listening to someone who is speaking is not enough. When the person stops somewhere, you can catch hold of that particular point and can start talking over it to keep the conversation going. Of course, let your partner also speak up to make this healthy communication.

Stay Updated with the Current Happenings:
Whether it is your exam, interview, or personal life, staying updated with the current happenings always helps. In many places, when people sit together, they talk and debate the current happenings and events. Of course, we do not support debates that may lead to fights later on. But having a slight discussion on such current affairs and events can also lead to a healthy discussion. Of course, you should estimate whether the person is also comfortable with the topic or not.

Add Smiles and Laughter:
Have you gone on a date for the very first time with someone? Obviously, in such a case, you will not talk about the developments that need to happen in the country. In such situations, most couples will talk about something light and romantic. But imagine praising your girl with a serious look on your face. The girl will seriously think that you are just pretending to praise and this will not leave a good impression.
A bit of a smile and a few small waves of laughter will add up spark and will also make your partner feel more comfortable. Crack some jokes on the situations or the environment to show off your humorous side. Make sure that you do not offend her or him with any inappropriate statement.

Lastly, Notice Body Language:
Whether you are on a date or somewhere else, when you make the person feel comfortable, the conversation automatically keeps ongoing. For this notice the body language of the person. Is the person feeling a bit restless or sitting comfortably and enjoying your talks? Some of the signs that the person is feeling trapped in the situation are watching the time frequently and looking around in place of focusing on you, and others. Check out these body languages and act accordingly.

There are many such situations in life when you may ask yourself how to keep a conversation going. There are some very simple and useful hacks that will not just let your conversation go but will also make the conversation an interesting one. Try these hacks and keep them practicing to get expertise on them.

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