How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone

How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone?

Did you set calendar events on your iPhone and now you are looking for how to delete calendar events on iPhone? In this blog here are step-by-step guides to deleting calendar events on iPhone. A calendar is the most important element in your life. It not just offers you the date of the day but also helps you in knowing different events that are about to take place in that particular month. Well, events such as festivals and holidays are available on any random calendar.

But what about your personal events such as someone’s birthday or anniversaries, or even an important event at your office. The introduction of the calendar application on your smartphone has eased this problem to quite an extent for sure. If you are an iPhone user, you must surely make use of several facilities offered in the calendar app of iPhone.

How the Calendar App is Helpful on iPhone?

There are three important ways which the calendar application of your iPhone device can be helpful to you.

Festival and Holidays:
If you have enabled the events notification of the calendar application on your iPhone, you will be able to get notifications about upcoming events such as festivals and holidays on your calendar. As you scavenge through the calendar, you can check out the different events that are there on that particular month.

Create Events:
Apart from the general festival and holiday events, you can even create your own events on the calendar. Suppose, you have an important meeting scheduled and you do not wish to forget about it. You can add up this event on the calendar app and the application will remind you of it on time. Similar to official events, you can also create events for someone’s birthdays, and anniversaries, and can also stay in everyone’s good books.

Recurring Events:
There are so many events that you need to remember to do every year such as payment of a yearly policy, the birthday of someone special, and many similar others. It is not always possible to remember all these and create events for them on the calendar every year. Hence, you can create an event and then make it recurring so that the app can remind you of the event every year on the same date.
But while you have set the recurring events, it might come up a time when you may need to delete such an event. So, how can you do that? Well, deleting a calendar even is also equally easy.

Delete Calendar Events on iPhone
Delete Calendar Events on iPhone

How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone?

Deleting a calendar event on your iPhone is quite convenient. All you need to do is to follow these steps and get it done. Here is the step by step guide on How to delete calendar events on iPhone-

Step – 1 – Just open the calendar application on your iPhone.
Step – 2 – Now search for the event date that you wish to delete. There are two ways of doing so. You can either remind of the date and click on it or can search the event date with the name through which you have saved it.
Step – 3 – As you click on the event date, the event page will open up.
Step – 4 – Here, you will find the option of Delete at the bottom of the page on which you need to click.
Step – 5 – In case you are deleting a recurring event, a popup will come up asking whether you wish to delete the event in the current year or for all the years. You need to make the right choice depending upon your requirement.
So, finally, you have successfully deleted the event from your iPhone calendar application.

Apart from this, there are a number of times when you may require help deleting spam calendar events on your iPhone. Read on to know about this too.

Delete iPhone Spam Calendar Invites
Delete iPhone Spam Calendar Invitesd

What is Spam Calendar?

Have you recently started receiving unnecessary events and notifications on your calendar application? This might have happened because intentionally or unintentionally, you might have subscribed to the spam calendar on your iPhone device. In order to delete such events, you need to actually delete the subscription of the spam calendar.
So, how do you do this?

Delete iPhone Spam Calendar Invites

Follow these steps.
Step – 1 – As you open the application Calendar on your iPhone, you will find the option of Calendar at the bottom of the screen on which you need to click.
Step – 2 – Here, check for a calendar that you cannot recognize and click open it.
Step – 3 – Next, on that Calendar, you will find the Info option where you will find a scroller.
Step – 4 – Scroll to come across the Delete option here and then delete this calendar subscription.
If this method does not help, then make use of this alternate method by following these steps.
Step – 1 – Go to Settings of your iPhone.
Step – 2 – Select the option of Calendar
Step – 3 – Choose Account from here
Step – 4 – You will get the option of Subscribed Calendars on which you have to click and open it.
Step – 5 – From here, check and find the calendar that you do not recognize or the one that you have subscribed to by mistake.
Step – 6 – Click on this calendar and then delete it straight away.
Thus, the upcoming random events on your calendar are deleted and also you will not get such events henceforward.

The calendar application of the iPhone is an extremely useful option in making your work and daily life convenient. Make use of the features and settings of the calendar to add events, set alarms, and perform many such activities that can help smoothen your tasks. Do not worry if you wish to delete an event. It is as simple as adding an event. Hope you found this blog helpful and now you can delete calendar events on iPhone.
If you have any queries feel free to comment, we will try to sort them out asap.

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