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Steam Screenshot Folder – Windows | Mac | Linux

In this blog, we are discussing where you can find Steam Screenshot Folder on any device with step by step guide. Taking a screenshot of your computer screen or your mobile screen has become a common thing today. When you make a financial transaction, you prefer to take a screenshot of it for future reference. Similarly, you often take a screenshot for many other purposes.

There are many of you who wish to take a screenshot of a moment when you are playing a video game on your device. You may notice that you may be able to capture the screen but not the exact moment. This is when you require something that is more than just the usual screen technology. Here is where the option of the Steam Screenshot folder steps in.

All you need to do is to make use of the shortcut key on your system to take a screenshot of the moment while you are playing a game or while you are watching a video. Ideally, you will have to make use of the F12 key for capturing the screenshot. But in some cases, there can be other shortcut key options that you can check out from the game setting itself.

Now, the major problem that happens is that when you have taken a steam screenshot, the images save up in a steam default screenshot folder. Often finding out this folder can get quite tedious.
Here are the ways that can help you in finding out the steam screenshot folder on your system to get the screenshots that you have captured.

Screenshot Folder Through Steam Client

The first way is to find out the screenshot folder through the Steam client itself. Follow these steps to find the screenshot folder on the Steam app.
1. On the menu bar of the Steam app, you will find the option of View on which you have to click.
2. As you click on the Screenshots in View option, you will find a dropdown menu.
3. You will find all your captured screenshots under this menu with three different options to view the screenshot images.
4. From the options available, when you click on the option of Show on Disk, you will be directed to the Library option of your system where actually the screenshot has got saved.
Now if you are unable to find the screenshot image directly from the Steam client, you can find the screenshot folder on your system too.

Screenshot Folder on Your System

When you are searching for the screenshot folder on your system directly, you have to search it through the installation directory of Steam.
If you have installed the Steam directory in the usual way, you can get the directory on different systems directly by following these paths.
Windows- C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
Mac- Mac (Mac username) – Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Steam
Linux – ~/.local/share/Steam

But if you have somehow installed the directory of Steam somewhere else apart from the default location, reach out to it for further proceeding. Now follow these steps to locate the Steam screenshot folder.

1. As you find the directory, you have to click on the option of the user data directory. Now, you will find many folders in front of you if you have created many accounts on Steam. In case you have a single account, there will be a single folder.
2. Click open the folder in which you think you will have the screenshot that you want to have or see.
3. As you open the folder, you will find folder 760 on which you have to click.
4. Inside folder 760, you will find another folder remote which again you have to click.
5. Now here you will have to select the right game folder to get the screenshot. This can be quite an exhausting task if you manually keep on searching the folders for the right game. The right way is to search the id and title of the game on the web and then search the folder through this title or id.
6. As you open the correct game folder, you will find the folder screenshot in it.

Is not this simple? 😉😉


Where is the steam screenshot folder?

You should be able to navigate the steam screenshot folder from the directory of Steam.

Where is my steam screenshot folder in windows?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

How to change the location?

In order to change the Steam screenshot folder location, you have to open Steam and have to click on View from the menu option. Next, go to settings and select the option of In-Game. Choose the screenshot folder that you wish to replace and then create a new folder where you wish to place the steam screenshot folder.

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