How to block emails on iCloud

How to block emails on iCloud? | iCloud block email

Are you receiving several unnecessary emails from the same email every day and want to know How to block emails on iCloud? Today email marketing has become an eminent marketing strategy. Hence, it is quite normal if your inbox is get spammed by newsletters and other emails. In such a case, one of the safest options that you can have on your iPhone is that of iCloud block email. The only thing that you need to take care of is that you cannot block spam emails on your iPhone. You have to block these emails on your browser or computer.

how to block spam emails on iphone

Why Should You Block Emails on iCloud?

Having a clean inbox is something that everyone wishes to have. But this is not very much possible today due to so many marketing campaigns going on. Luckily, we have the option of blocking the emails from where you get such random irritating emails. There can be several reasons why you may wish to block a particular email recipient. Here are some of the common reasons that you can relate to which you may have come here to ask the question of how to block emails on iCloud?

Marketing Emails: The most irritating ones are the marketing emails that come up almost every day in your inbox. These emails push your important emails down and you are not able to find the important ones on time. You must have cleared your inbox the night before. But you might see again 100 emails already there in your inbox the next very morning. This can get actually over your nerves. Hence, one of the easiest ways is to select the email addresses that are sending you such emails and then block them to get rid of them.

Emails from Someone You Know: Apart from the marketing emails, there are also times when someone might be harassing you by sending you endless emails each day. Such emails not just spam your inbox but also destroy your peace of mind. Hence, in place of reading these unnecessary emails, focus on your important work, and simply block this email address. Life will seem very sorted after this.

Steps to Block Emails on iCloud: If you have once decided to block emails on your iPad, here are the steps that you need to follow in order to do so.

How to block spam emails on iPhone

1. Open the website of iCloud on your web browser.
2. Provide your Apple ID and password to enter it.
3. Next, click on the Mail option.
4. You will find the option of Settings on the left bottom corner of Mail on which you have to click.
5. After entering into Settings, you have to click on the option of Rules.
6. In the Rules section, you have to click on the option of Add a Rule.
7. Now in the section with the name “If a message”, you have to choose the option “is from”, and here you have to put the email address that you wish to block.
8. Next, in the section “Then”, you have to choose the option “Move to Trash”.
9. Once you have done all these changes carefully, you have to finally click on the option of Done.

Now, when you know how to block email on iCloud mail, life can become a bit simple for you. Use the steps above and whenever an email comes up from a particular email, it will directly go to the trash. It will not interrupt you further by spamming your inbox. You can check all such email address that is spamming your inbox by regularly sending you marketing emails and can block them.

iCloud block email

How to block iCloud emails on iPhone?

It is not possible to block iCloud emails directly on your iPhone through the application. You can open the iCloud website in the browser of your iPhone to go to settings and block the email addresses from where you get spam messages.

How to block iCloud emails on the computer?

Blocking iCloud emails on a computer is much more convenient and you can do it with the help of a few steps. All you need to do is to visit the browser of iCloud and then go to the settings and follow the steps that have been mentioned in the above article.

How to block emails on an iPad?

In order to block emails on the iPad, again you have to visit the web browser of your iPad and then open the website of iCloud to block emails from the Settings option.

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