Moon on iPhone Screen - Crescent Moon Icon in Messages

What Does The Moon Mean on iPhone | Moon on iPhone Screen

If you have been using the iPhone device for a long time now, you must have noticed and understood the different features of the device by now. One such feature that we are going to talk about here is the moon icon on the iPhone screen that you might notice on the device.

Though people who have been using the iPhone should be aware of this feature, people who have just started using the iPhone must be wondering what exactly it is. Well, there are two places where you might see this moon icon. Here are mentioned both the places where you can check the moon icon and how to deal with it.

Moon On the iPhone Screen:

If you see the crescent moon icon on your screen, this means you have enabled the feature of Do Not Disturb.
So, what does it actually mean?
This means you will not be disturbed by any kind of call or message on your phone until the time you have not disabled it.
There are two ways how you can handle this. The first one is by swiping down the Notification bar and then clicking on the Do Not Disturb option to enable or disable it.

Moon on iPhone Screen

The second way is to follow these steps:

1. Go to the Settings of your device
2. Then go to the option of Do Not Disturb
3. Here you can find a number of options that you can use such as scheduling a time for every day when the device will automatically activate the feature.
4. You can also set a feature as per which while the phone is in Do Not Disturb mode, you can still receive calls from some important people whose number you have selected in the device to be important.

So, all you need to do is to explore these options to understand what works the best for you.

Crescent Moon Means Besides the Contacts:

Apart from the moon icon on the iPhone screen, you will also find the moon icon beside a particular contact also on your device.
Now, what is this?
If you are seeing a crescent moon beside a contact on iPhone, this means that you have selected that particular contact as Do Not Disturb. So, next time when the person calls you or messages you, it will not reach up to you.
But if you have considered this person under this feature by mistake, you can always disable this option. For doing so, all you need to do is to swipe the contact towards the left. You will find the option of Show on which you have to click. Now you will notice that the moon icon beside the contact has disappeared. Also, from now onwards you will start receiving calls and messages from this person as usual.

So, basically, the moon icon on the iPhone is about the feature Do Not Disturb. You can check out the settings and can explore the various options and functions available under this category so that you can experiment and use the option that is most beneficial for you.

Moon on iPhone Screen – Crescent Moon Icon in Messages


Why is there a moon next to a text?
If you find a moon next to a text message, this will mean that you will not get any notifications about any new messages coming up from this contact. You can easily get rid of this moon icon by swiping it to the left and following the instructions to remove it from the list of Do Not Disturb option.

What does the moon mean on iPhone?
The moon actually means the option of Do Not Disturb on the iPhone. You can find this icon on the notification bar of your iPhone or even at times near the name of a contact in the text message or call list. In all the cases, the meaning of the moon is Do Not Disturb, where you will not get any alerts for calls and messages till the time you do not disable this feature on your iPhone.

What does half moon mean on iPhone?
You will find a half moon or a crescent moon on your home screen of the iPhone. This implies that you have activated the Do Not Disturb features and you will not get any alert for calls or messages while you are attending an important meeting. If you find the same crescent moon or half moon next to a contact on your message list or call list, this will mean that you will not get any alert of calls or messages from that particular person. In either of the cases, you can disable the features at your convenience conveniently.

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