How to Recover Unsaved Word Document

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document?

Is there any way to recover unsaved word documents? If you are one of them who put lots of effort into crafting content for your college or office and forgotten to save the file or due to a system glitch, then you are on the right blog, Even this happen to me several times, so I thought to write a blog to help you guys out there, here is the easy step by step method by which you can recover unsaved word document easily.

We all know how much it pains when an ongoing Word Document gets deleted all of a sudden. It can be a university assignment that you have to submit the next day at college. It can be an official letter draft that you were just going to finalize.
There can be several reasons why and how your Word Document suddenly got deleted. It can be a Microsoft crash or some system glitch.
But luckily, there are ways that can prove helpful in recovering back the unsaved or accidentally Word documents. This will save the time and effort that you have spent working on it.

Recover Unsaved Word Document

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document?

Often you may not get the time to save a document when the system shuts down suddenly. Also, due to the option of Autosave, many users even do not have the habit of saving the document. So, there can happen several times when the Word document may close without auto-saving the content.

Keeping this thing in mind may be, the experts have also created the option of recovering the unsaved document.

How to recover unsaved Word documents Windows 10 and Windows 11

Step – 1 – Open the Word file that you need to recover.
Step – 2 – Click on the option of File available at the top left corner of the file.
Step – 3 – Now come to Manage Document.
Step – 4 – From the dropdown menu that comes up, select the option of Recover Unsaved Documents.
Step – 5 – Search for the file that you have lost in the box and click on it.
Step – 6 – As the file opens up, save it immediately.

How to Recover Deleted Word Document?
What if the Word Document has got deleted accidentally? Follow these steps to recover a deleted Word Document.

Recover Unsaved Word Document windows

Recover Unsaved Word Document after a Microsoft Crash

Step – 1 – The first step is to locate Recycle Bin on your Desktop and open it.
Step – 2 – Now search the deleted file here using either the document name, the file type, or at the most the date when it was last modified.
Step – 3 – When you get it, check the location where it is saved and note it down.
Step – 4 – Now right-click on this file and click on the option of Restore.
Step – 5 – After the file is restored, it should move out of the Recycle Bin and you will be not able to see it here anymore.
Step – 6 – Now check the file in the location that you have noted before. What if you are not able to locate the location? You can make use of the Quick Acess option to locate the file in recently used files.
Recover Document after a Microsoft Crash
You can lose an ongoing Microsoft Word Document even due to a sudden Microsoft crash. You can follow these steps to recover the word document in such a case.

Recover Unsaved Word Document mac

Recover unsaved Word document Mac

Step – 1 – As soon as your system restarts, open the Word document on which you were working as most of the time, Microsoft recovers itself automatically.
Step – 2 – But if it does not happen, then you should click on the option of File and then go to Options from where you have to click on Save.
Step – 3 – Here copy the location path of the Autorecover file to paste it into File Explorer.
Step – 4 – Now open the folder that has got the name of the document on which you were working.
Step – 5 – Find the most recent .asd file and copy it.
Step – 6 – Now come back to your Word Document and again click on File followed by Open and scroll down.
Step – 7 – Click on the option of Recover Unsaved Documents.
Step – 8 – Now a folder will pop up in which you have to paste the .asd file.
Step – 9 – Finally, open this file, recover it, and save it.

Recovery Programs
Usually, you should be able to get your Word Document back by making use of any of the above methods. But what to do next, if these methods fail to help you in getting a solution? One last method is to make use of the recovery software programs.

There are several such recovery software programs available that can help you. They help in locating the deleted or unsaved files and accessing them so that you can recover them. But this is the last resort that you may have to use if the file loss is something that you cannot afford to happen. But you should always try out the above-mentioned methods without gaining any fruitful results.

Computers and Microsoft have made our lives quite easier with many different things. If you are aware of the functions and operations of Microsoft options such as Word, you can work efficiently on different tasks. But it can also get tortuous when the Word Documents on which you were working accidentally get deleted or get lost. In place of getting into a panic state, follow different methods as stated above to get a solution soon.

Is it possible to recover the unsaved word document?
– Yes

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