Mobile Strike Advanced Troops

Mobile Strike Advanced Troops

The MMO game Mobile Strike has recently got an update in its troops to make the game even more interesting and thrilling. For those who are not aware of the name Mobile Strike Advanced Troops, this game is all about military fortifications and base building in a war setup. The aim of the battle is to get the title of Head of State. In this, you have to clash against different other players in the game. When you win the title, you can obstruct your enemies and can protect your allies. Moreover, it is a complete war game mainly for those who love adventure games.
In the game, you have to unlock different troops in order to battle and win the game. Recently, mobile strike advance troops have also got released for added adventure and fun for the players.

About Mobile Strike

Epic War released this mobile strategy game in the year 2015. One of the major reasons why this game got suddenly so popular is due to the star Arnold Schwarzenegger who advertised this game. Moreover, after you have downloaded the game, you will come across a huge number of features offered by the game to make your experience super exciting.

Features: It is quite important to understand the features of the game to understand it better. Here are some of the crucial features of the game Mobile Strike.

Constructing Base: The main task in the game is to build different bases and upgrade them. As you keep on doing so, you will keep on rising on the ranking board of the game.
Customizing Commander: You can customize your commander to increase their levels so that you can use up their talent points for fortifying your military or base.
Equipment Crafting: Convert the items from the crates into weapons and armors for your commanders so that you can help them in increasing their levels.
Creating Allies: Create allies by combining your powers with other players and then climb up to the PvP ladder of the game.
Translator: Different players from all over the world play this game. Hence, communicating with different players of different languages can get difficult. Hence, the in-built translator of the game helps the players in communicating with each other by translating the languages as and when needed.

Pros and Cons:
After knowing the features, it is a great idea to know the pros and the cons of the game too.
1. There are several options of base customization available.
2. Equipment crafting helps a lot in strengthening the commander.
3. There is a huge player base to keep up the excitement level in the game.
4. The inbuilt translator helps the players to communicate conveniently with each other in the game.

1. This has generic gameplay.
2. There are many times when you may have to pay for elements that can help you in winning the game.
3. Mobile Strike Advanced Troops Recently, the game has got an update where it has come up with advanced troops. These troops go in the same order as that the regular troops such as starting from the infantry to the artillery. Also, the interaction of the advanced troops is also similar to that of the regular troops. The only major difference is that the mobile strike advanced troops bring in a new intricacy level in the game.

In order to unlock the regular troops, you had to go through the research level and then had to train up the troops to bring them to the war front. The process is again similar in the case of the advanced troops also. Here also you have to research and then train them before introducing them to the war.

You can unlock the Tier 1 advanced troops quite conveniently as here you will not require any such research. The only thing that you require here is the chips to unlock this troop.

You will start requiring research prerequisites from Tier 2 but these will be quite lower so that you can unlock this troop also smoothly.

As you go higher, the difficulty level will of course rise. Also, the cost of research will also increase to unlock the troops. Ultimately Tier 4 is going to be the most difficult advanced troop unlocking which will cost you a lot.
Reducing Cost
As you progress to higher levels, the cost of unlocking the troops also increases. Here are some of the tactics that you can use to reduce the cost.

• By equipping your commander with gems and research gears.
• Skilling your Mech and Commander for research.
• Checking for RSS reductions at the Development Center for your research.

While the mobile strike advanced troops are being introduced as powerful, there can be several times when the regular troops can beat them. In such a case, all you need to do is to check through the research statistics and analyze them carefully before making any specific decision in the game.


Are mobile strike advanced troops more costly?
Yes, as the levels and tiers increase, the cost also increases.

Are advanced troops more powerful than regular troops?
Though advanced troops are more powerful than the regular troops, if properly played, the regular troops can also beat the advanced troops.

How difficult it is to unlock the advanced troops?
You can easily unlock Tier 1 and also Tier 2 to some extent after which the difficulty level increases.

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