Ps4 controller flashing white light

PS4 Controller Flashing White 2022 [Fixed]

One of the many reasons why many people are admiring the Dualshock 4 wireless controller is because it is completely wireless. You do not have to have the hassle of connecting it to your system using a wire. All you need is just a USB cable to set a connection. But while this is a major advantage of the controller, there are some issues too. Many players have complained of the PS4 controller flashing white light or Ps4 white light all of a sudden.
While many players thought this to be a major issue, this problem can be solved easily. You just have to understand the reason for this and you can get rid of it quite conveniently.

Why can I see the PS4 controller flashing white light?

There can be multiple reasons for the “PS4 controller flashing white light“. Here are some of the common reasons that you can find out.

The Battery: The most common and the very first thing that you should think about is the battery. The controller can flash white light all of a sudden if the battery is about to die. This can be an indication that you need to recharge the battery.

Connection Error: Another time when the white light can flash is when the controller is trying to connect with the PS4 but it is not getting successful in doing so. If you are not being able to operate the game, check whether the controller is showing the white light or not. This will mean that there is a connection problem.

Controller Setting Issue: Apart from the two issues, there can be another problem due to which you are noticing the flashing white light Ps4 controller. This can be any kind of glitch or settings error of the controller.

How to Resolve the Problem of PS4 Controller flashing white light?

While there can be several reasons, there are also several troubleshooting ways to solve the issue of the PS4 controller flashing white light or Ps4 white light.

The USB Cable: The most common thing that you can assume is that the controller is not charging. But before you check with the charging port, you should check with the cable. There is a high chance always that the problem is not with the port but with the cable. You can try replacing the cable with your android phone charging cable, if the light flashing is now blue or orange, this means the problem is with the cable only. You can now confidently get a new cable to replace the faulty cable. This is how you can solve is the issue of ps4 controller blinking white light.

Resetting the Console:

If the problem is not with the cable or the charging, it can be a connection error too. For this, you can first try resetting your console. You can do this by following these eminent steps.
→ Hold the power button of your PlayStation for 10 seconds to switch it off.
→ Now take out the power code of the PlayStation from the back.
→ Here, wait for 5 minutes and then plug in the console once again.
→ Now switch on the PlayStation.
→ Next, plug the USB cable of the controller into your PlayStation.
→ Plug the cable into your Dualshock controller.
→ Finally, switch on the button on the PlayStation as well as on the DualShock to start.
If you do not notice the same white light flashing, this will mean that now the connection has been established successfully.

Updating the Controller Driver:

The problem can also happen if the controller driver on your system has gone outdated. So, you can try updating your driver before taking any bigger step of replacing the hardware.
1. First, uninstall the driver of your controller from your PC or the system completely.
2. Reinstall the driver on your PC once again.
3. Run the driver.
4. Next, restart your system and now check whether it brings any difference or not.

Try Safe Mode:

Often trying the safe mode option also make a huge difference in resolving several problems such as this one. It may happen at times that the problem is not with the controller but with your PS4. Here are the methods that you can try to start the PS4 in safe mode.
1. First, switch off your PS4.
2. Next, press the power button of the PS4 for 10 seconds and you will listen to 2 beeps.
3. Connect the controller with the cable.
4. Now, press the PS button that you should find on the controller’s center.

If you have tried all of this, but still nothing is working out, there can be more reasons. Try to use the controller on some other consoles such as PS5. If the controller does not work with some other consoles too, this means that there is a problem with the hardware of the controller. This is the time when you need to meet up with an expert who can either fix the controller or can suggest whether you should replace the controller with a new one or not.


Why is my ps4 controller flashing white?
There can be several reasons for the PS4 controller flashing white light issue. It can be the hardware or can be a connectivity issue.

What does it mean when your ps4 controller is flashing white but won’t connect to the ps4?
When the PS4 is showing white light and it is not connecting to the PS4, it is clearly a connectivity issue. It can be an issue with the driver or you just need a quick reset of your whole system.

Can I solve the white light flashing issue at home?
You can try out several solutions as mentioned in the article to try to solve this issue conveniently at home. If the problem is due to faulty cables or connectivity issues, it should get resolved at home itself.

What if the solutions do not work for solving the white light flashing on PS4?
If the solution methods available do not work out, this can be a serious hardware issue. You should get in touch with the experts to get a solution. But before doing so, you should try all the mentioned solution methods in a proper way first.

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