PS4 Controller Red Light

PS4 Controller Red Light, Pink Light, green Light

We are taught since childhood that red is for danger. In most places, the use of the red light or the red color is for danger only. But what can it actually mean when you see the red light blinking on your PS4. Can ps4 controller red light be a symbol of danger for your PS4 also?

Actually, when you are using a PS4, there can be different reasons why you may find a red light blinking on it. Here are some of the reasons that you can crosscheck to find out the reason for your PS4 controller red light.

PS4 Controller Red Light

Players: If you are playing with several players together, how will you identify the players on the system? The system finds out the best way to distinguish the number of players with the help of lights. The blue light blinking is for one player but when you see a red light blinking on PS4, this means that there are 2 players now in the game. Similarly, the green light is for 3 players and the pink light is for 4 players.

Games: The red light blinking also depends upon the games that you are playing. For example, if you are playing the game KillZone, the red light blinks to indicate that you have low health and you need to replenish. Similarly, if you are playing the game Flower, the red light blinks whenever you hit an electric tower on level 5. So, for different games, you have to understand at which moment the light is turning on to be red.

Red Line of Death: Elders and experts have always said to go through the user manual carefully before starting to use something. Similarly, when you will go through the user manual of the PS4, you will find the point talking about the red line of death.

This is about the red light blinking on the controller of the PS4 continuously. So, what does this mean actually? According to the user manuals, this is a sign of overheating of the system. If you have been playing games on the console for many hours continuously, it gets overheated. Most consoles will automatically turn off with a beep after the blue light turns red. In some, the system may not shut down but it will keep on offering a beep sound with the red light on the controller. This is an indication that you have to understand that the PS4 has overheated and it is time to shut it down.

Faulty USB Port: Another reason that can lead to a red light blinking on your controller is the faulty charger or USB port that you are using. When you notice the PS4 controller red light when charging, this is a clear indication that your charger port has become faulty and you need an immediate replacement for it.

But before you jump to the conclusion of buying a new charging port, there are some tricks that you can use. It may also happen that it was not the problem of the entire charging port but just the cable. Hence, try out these tricks before investing money in buying a new charging port.

  1. Try using the cable of your Android device to connect the charging port to your console.
  2. You can also try buying a new cable for the port in place of buying the whole new charger initially.
  3. If these tricks work out well, then this means that the problem was in the cable and not the port.

PS4 Controller Red Light – Other Methods:

There are situations when you may notice a red light on your controller even when you have a proper charger port and cable. In such conditions, you can try out some of the methods to resolve the issue.

PS4 Reset; How to reset PS4?:

What happens when your computer is not working properly? You prefer to restart it, right? The same trick can work here also.
1. Simply switch off the PS4 by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.
2. Now take out the cords from the PS4 and the power cable from the plug too.
3. Wait for 5 minutes or so and then set up all the cables and ports as it was.
4. Now switch on the PS4 in the same way how you have switched it off.

How to reset the PS4 Controller:

1. You can also try out resetting your PS4 controller.
2. You will find the power reset button a the back of your PS4 controller.
3. You have to use a paper clip or something similar to push the button.
4. Hold it for 5 seconds there in the buttonhole.
5. Now reconnect the controller and check whether the problem is resolved or not.

Trying the safe Mode:

1. The last trick that you can use is to start your PS4 in the safe mode option.
2. Press the power button of the Ps4 for 10 seconds after switching it off.
3. After you have got 2 beeps, connect the PS4 with the USB cable.
4. Now press on your controller’s PS button to check the situation.

Starting the PS4 in the safe mode option has solved many of the issues. But if doing everything right here also does not make a difference in the issue, then it must be a serious problem. Most probably, it can be a problem with the hardware of the PS4. In such a case, you may have to meet up with a technician or have to decide to buy a new setup or a new controller.


Q1. Why is the light on my ps4 controller red?
Answer: If you see a red light on your PS4 controller as soon as you switch it on or before starting a game, it can mean a faulty charging port. At times, it can also mean overheating the system.

Q2. What does the red light on ps4 controller mean?
Answer: The red light on the PS4 controller can come up a number of times such as when 2 players are playing together. But if you can notice this red light all the time, it can be due to technical issues too.

Q3. Can I resolve the problem of the red light on PS4 controller?
Answer: There are some solutions such as resetting the controller or changing the cable or the port. But if nothing works, then you may have to change the entire hardware.

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