PS4 Won’t Turn On

PS4 Won’t Turn On? Easy Method To Troubleshoot Your PS4

Why Won’t My PS4 Turn On? We saw lots of gamers facing this situation, so here we with the easiest way to troubleshoot your PS4 in just a few steps. In this blog, we mentioned several different troubleshooting methods which surely help you out from this situation.

Technology has become a crucial part of our daily life. When the technological gadgets do not work properly, then no one likes the situation. Don’t you get irritated when your computer or your smartphone suddenly stopped working?

Not just work-related technological gadgets, but also when technologies for fun cause trouble, it can disappoint you to quite an extent. This can be a case when your PS4 is not turning on.
When such a situation takes place, you should always start trying with the most obvious reason and try to troubleshoot. This is because there are a number of times when the problem is not as big as we have thought, or as it is seeming to be.
If you are facing such a problem where the PS4 won’t turn on, it is important to understand the reasons first and then troubleshoot it accordingly.

Why is PS4 Won’t Turn On?

There can be several reasons why the PS4 is not turning on. Here are some of the common reasons that can be thought of.

Fault in Power Source: The very first and most common problem that can lead to PS4 not turning is the power source. It can be anything such as the power socket to the cable or the adapter that is connected to the PS4. If any of the power sources have become faulty, this can lead to interruption in the working of the system and so the PS4 won’t turn on.

Dust Clogging: This is another reason that can lead to disruption in the working of the PS4. There are many times when dust clogs up on the device and this dust also enters the device, interrupting its working. Hence, it is important to clean the system clean if you have a habit of keeping it open for flaunting, otherwise, you should always pack it up and store it when not in use.

Software Glitch: Apart from the above two reasons, another reason that is quite common is that of a software glitch. It may happen that there is some problem that has suddenly come up in the software of the machine. This can also lead to the PS4 not turning on.

As there are several reasons why the PS4 may not be turning on, there can be several ways also of solving the problem. But the first mandatory thing is always to understand the problem well so that you can get a solution much faster.

Troubleshooting when PS4 Won’t Turn On

Here are some of the potential and efficient measures that one can in order to solve the problem and then turn the PS4 on.

Method 1 – Resetting Power Cable:

The very first method is of resetting the power cable of the PS4. Follow these steps to reset the power cable.
Resetting Power Cable – Ps4 won’t turn on
1 – Remove the power connection from the PS4.
2 – Leave it for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
3 – Now connect back the power plug to the PS4.
The old method of resetting your system has always been helpful. So, getting a quick reset can help many times in solving out the trouble and switching on the Ps4 after it.

Method 2- Power Cycling:

If resetting the power cable did not work, you can try this method of power cycling.
1 – Hold the power button for some time and switch it off.
2 – Now remove the cable from the PS4.
3 – Keep the power cable away from the device for 20 minutes to half an hour.
4 – Now put back the cable power and switch it on.

Method 3- Restarting in Safe Mode:

The next trick is to start your device in safe mode. How to do it? Follow these steps to restart your PS4 in safe mode.
1 – Switch off the device and take out all the cables to and from the device.
2 – Put the power plug back to the device.
3 – Hold the power button of the PS4 and wait for the second beep to come up.
4 – Now connect the controller to the system using a power cable.
5 – Next, hold the PS button of the controller to switch it on.

Method 4 – Power Cycling without Hard Disk:

If nothing works, then this is the last option that you can try before calling up the experts.
1 – First switch off the device and take out the hard disk from it.
2 – Switch on the device and again switch it off.
3 – Remove all the cables attached to the device and leave it for 30 minutes.
4 – Now install back the hard drive in the device and restart the system in safe mode by following the steps mentioned in the third trick.

You should be able to turn the PS4 on by using any one of these tricks. But if nothing works, then it can be a major software glitch. For this, you may have to get in touch with the experts. But if you wish to save your consultation charges, it is best to try the above-mentioned tricks before.

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